A better life with chronic diseases

Relabee provides a better way for patients and their family & friends to address the daily needs of living with a chronic disease so that they can live happier, healthier lives.

Relabee is an app that matches friends and family to the support needs of the patient, helps them understand the chronic conditions better, and helps patients engage with their networks more effectively and efficiently. With Relabee, friends and family will be able to help their loved one with a chronic disease achieve their treatment targets and live the life they want to.

Living with a chronic disease—understanding the condition, taking medication, and making lifestyle changes—isn’t easy. This puts stress on the patient, their close family and friends… and on healthcare systems.

Research has shown, though, that a supportive network of family and friends can be one of the most powerful influences that helps a person with a chronic disease live well with their condition.

At Relabee we believe that there is a huge potential in activating the patient’s network of relatives and friends to support the patient in their treatment. We are developing a global solution that will deliver improved outcomes for our users– whether the patient, family, or friends.

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